Advice needed for Marriage issue.


Asalamu alleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Brothers and sisters I have an issue. I have been talking to a muslim girl for quite a while to get to know her. I know it isn’t the proper way to talk to the girl directly but it still happened. I pray and I hope Allah (swt) forgives me of my sins. We talked about alot of topics and we started to like eachother. The thing i liked the most about her was her characteristic and her love for the deen.

We are both serious about marrying but unfortunately we are both from another country. Her father sees this as an issue and refuses to accept a husband from another country with another culture. The girl is trying to talk to her mother and convince her, but her mother doesn’t want to hear about it. Her mother told her: “Focuss on your school It’s not your time yet. And stop talking to anyone.”. Mashallah she is a good girl and respects and listens to her partents. Because of that we have little to no conversations. The girl lost her hope because het mother told her it isn’t her time yet and her father probably won’t accept a man from another country.

I know patience is needed. I had alot of hope and patience because issues like this occur alot. I even told the girl to be patience I can wait days, weeks, months even years. But the problem is that she has little to no hope left. And because of that I am losing my hope. Everyday I still make dua that evrything will be alright. I havn’t told my parents yet about this girl because I know it won’t be an issue in my family. I don’t know what to do right now. Is there anything left for me to do? I want to give her hope but I dont know how. Advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time


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