Learn about some deadly harmful apps!


Downloading from Google Play can also cause phone problems. If there is a problem in that app. Take a look at the list of those harmful apps.

Five Night Survival Craft: Game App This app may be a serious loss.

McQueen Car Racing Game: This is a car racing game. It may also be a serious loss.

Addon Eximbo: This is also a 3D game. The phone is not good to download.

Cool Craft: If the memory is not enough on the phone, it could be a terrible problem. Uninstalling this game can be a lot of space on the phone.

Draw Kawai: This is also a feature game app. This can be done through small drawings. The app is good for spending time, but bad for the phone.

Subway Banana Runway Surfer: It’s an app like a subway surfer. It also has problems.

Drawing Lessons Angry Bird: This is a drawing app. Harmful for the phone.

Girl’s Exploration (Lite): 2D Game App So far, Google Play has downloaded over 5 million.

Invisible Slipper Skin: This is a gaming app. Making space problems, on the phone.

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