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It’s hard to find people who are using the Internet but Google is not searching for it or finding people who are not interested in getting the site or information needed. Many people know the name of Google, but also do not know the proper use of it because it is very difficult to find the necessary thing. As you may need to know about Australia at this time, Australia is searching through local time, maybe you will also get the necessary information. Know what’s more, you can get better results if you search by typing time Australia.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips to effectively search through Google search engines and how to find the site or information in less time:

First of all, fill in the blanks or search by gaps fill.

Suppose you know the name of a city (Alabama) but it does not know where it is located. Go to google and enter alabama is located in (*), which means empty in the center of the bracket. Try yourself to see how the answer comes.

Then suppose you want to search within a specific site, how to do it?

[Search query site: sitename] If you search in this rule then you can get your desired result from inside the site. If you search by entering the mediafire site: earntricks.com, Google will only search the search results of the mediafire website from the Arnitrix web site. If you want search results from a particular domain, type mediafire site: .bd. In this case, the mediafire entry will only show all sites that have .bd domain sites in search results.

Search site title or site text:

Using this method [intitle: search query] or [intext: search query], your desired word will be removed from the website title or the inside text of the site.

For example, if you search by intitle: free lynda tutorial, then those sites will be shown in the title of free lynda tutorial. On the other hand, if you search by typing intext: lynda tutorial, those web sites will be displayed in the results of the lynda tutorial.

Need to know which sites have been linked to a specific site?

[link: url] This syntax allows you to do the job. Just replace url with your desired url in the site. As such, link: desteaminstitute.com will search as the result of the site that uses desteaminstitute.com link.

What kind of sites do you want to know more like your favorite site?

Suppose you are looking for Bangla in a favorite site, but if you want to find another site that shares a tutorial on your favorite site, then enter the relevant site before related:

As the related: prothom-alo.com search, Google will offer search results to other online newspaper sites in Bangladesh.

You know, Google can be used as a calculator !!!

The exact calculation that you want to write will be written in the search box. For example: 2 + 3

3 * 2 + 1

sqrt 9

sin 90 + log 10

Write, search, see what results come in.

Need a synonym for a specific word?

Google will find synonyms before typing the tilde sign (~) before certain words. For example: gorgeous search, see how many synomes can be found.

The feature’s name is Cynome Search.

To define something:

If you want to get a definition of a word, write it with colon.

Example: define: plethora

Specific file type

The file type can be specified in Google Search. For example: filetype: pdf results can be seen in all PDF files. Similarly, there are many types of file types that can be specified with .ppt (powerpoint file), .doc (Microsoft Word file), .swf (flash player files)

Weather search:

Just like Time Search, use Google search to know weather forecasts in many places of the world. Type weather: [place / city]or weather [place / city]. For example, write and search weatherhaka or weather: Geneva The city or place here has to be internationally renowned.

The latest interesting tips,

Pirated dawnload

Can not find a free download link for the necessary books or tutorials? no problem. At the end of the name of the book or tutorial, search the warez with a space, see how many pirated free download links are coming up.

Hopefully the tips on Google search later in the future will be useful to you. To this day, do not forget to share it with friends if you like it.

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