How to Select the Better Domain Name - 12 Tips and Tricks


Choosing the right domain name for your web site is crucial for your success. If you decide on the incorrect name, then it will be a problem to modify soon while not pain your whole and search rankings.

That’s why it’s very vital that you just opt for the simplest name from the beginning.

When 1st beginning out, it will be onerous to return up with catchy business name concepts with an ideal name.

In this article, we’ll share all the tools and tips you wish to induce name concepts, opt for the simplest name, and register your new domain (for free).


When starting a diary, selecting a website name will be nerve-racking as a result of you don’t wish to create an error.

To make the method easier, we've got a straightforward eleven step framework that you just will use to choose the simplest domain for your web site.

Let’s take a glance at the following pointers one by one with a lot of details.



There area unit masses of new name extensions available nowadays, from the initial .com, .net and .org to niche extensions like .pizza, .photography, and even .blog.

We forever advocate selecting a .com name.

While it will be tempting to return up with clever diary names victimisation new extensions, .com remains the foremost established and credible name extension.

Newer domain extensions like .ninja or .photography will be devious.

Dot-com domains also are the foremost unforgettable. Many users, particularly people who aren’t as tech-savvy, can mechanically kind “.com” at the top of each domain doltishly concerning it. It’s sensible to avoid that risk by jutting with .com.

Not to mention, most smartphone keyboards mechanically have a .com button.


Keywords play a very important role in a very domain. By victimisation keywords in your name, you tell the search engines what your web site is concerning. along with quality content and sensible user expertise, keywords in your domain will assist you rank higher in Google.

It is terribly onerous to seek out an honest domain together with your target keywords, that’s not already taken.

You will have to be compelled to be artistic and mix your keywords with different words to create your domain stand out.


While keywords area unit vital, don’t go overboard with domain length. It’s higher to possess a website name that’s short and unforgettable.

We advocate keeping your name underneath fifteen characters. Longer domains area unit tougher for your users to recollect.

Not to mention, users also will be a lot of at risk of coming into typos with longer domain names which might result in loss traffic.

That’s why it’s an honest plan to stay your domain length short.


You should be able to simply share your name once speaking similarly as writing. You ne'er grasp once you’ll be asked to share your name in the flesh.

If you’re about to use your name to form a professional business email address, then it undoubtedly ought to be simple to grasp and spell for any hearer.


Your diary name should be distinctive, thus you'll stand go in your readers’ minds. It’s sensible to analysis different blogs in your niche and resolve what domain names they’re victimisation.

You don’t wish to accidentally use a trademark name or get suspect of repetition another blogger.

You can additionally {choose to|prefer to|like better to|value a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} decide a website name that’s more brandable.

Brandable domain names area unit distinctive, catchy, and unforgettable. as an example, “” may be a way more brandable name than “”


Never produce a website name with hyphens. Hyphens will be a proof of spam domains that you are doing not wish to be related to.

Hyphenated domains also are at risk of typos. If you decide on a website name with hyphens as a result of the domain you would like is already taken, then your users can seemingly find yourself at your competitor’s website if they forget to kind within the hyphen.


It’s an honest plan to avoid domains with doubled letters, as a result of it will increase your probabilities of losing traffic to typos. as an example, a website like are a lot of at risk of typos, and end in lost traffic.

Avoiding doubled letters also will build your domain simple to kind and a lot of whole ready.


It’s sensible to decide on {a domain|a web site|a site} name that’s associated with your business / niche as a result of it offers users some plan of what your website is concerning. however you furthermore mght don’t wish to limit your long run choices an excessive amount of.

For example, a florist would possibly opt for a website name like, {but then|on the different hand|then again} they'll wish to start out blogging concerning other flowers beside orchids. in this case, the domain would possibly stop you from attracting readers curious about different flowers.

Properly moving your website to a brand new domain can be a frustrating method, and it will cause you to lose search rankings if you don’t roll in the hay right. That’s why it's vital to choose a versatile name from the beginning.


Before you register a website name, try and resolve if there's already a registered business victimisation an equivalent name.

You can perform a trademark search to see if there's already an analogous or actual name already proprietary.

You can additionally perform a Google search and check for the name’s accessibility on prime social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

A similar or matching name wouldn't solely cause confusion, however it may even have severe legal implications which can price you tons of cash.

Once you have got your own web site up and running, you'll learn a lot of concerning however to trademark and copyright your web site name and emblem.


Currently, there area unit over 360 Million registered domain names. This ends up in many of us expression that every one sensible domains area unit already taken.

Searching for individual name manually will be terribly time overwhelming.

This is where domain name generatorscome in. These free tools mechanically explore for your outlined keywords to seek out many clever name concepts.

We advocate using Nameboy, that is one in every of the oldest and hottest name generator tool on-line. you'll additionally use IsItWP’s domain generatorto realize a lot of name concepts.


Each day thousands of recent domain names area unit registered from all elements of the globe. If you have got found a website name that you just like, then don’t wait too long.

Domain names area unit like realty. Thousands of individuals area unit actively searching for sensible brandable domain names that they will register for higher rates within the future.

If you don’t act quick, then somebody could act and register your domain plan.

Since domain names area unit comparatively low cost, we have a tendency to forever advocate our readers to act quick. If you modify your mind later, then you'll merely let it expire.

Best Places to shop for a website Name


There area unit a whole bunch of domain registrarson the online. It’s vital to decide on fastidiously as a result of it will be tough to maneuver your domain soon.

Just like with web hosting, rating for domain registrations will vary anyplace from $9 to $24. you'll even apprehend for free*.

Let’s take a glance at however you'll simply get a website name.

Free Domain Registration with net Hosting

Majority of net hosting firms additionally provide domain registration as a service. a number of those firms provide free domain registration with new hosting accounts.

If you’re starting a brand new web site, then it’s a wise plan to require advantage of this provide and obtain your name at no cost.

Below area unit the 2 WordPress hosting firms that area unit providing our users over hr off net hosting, free SSL certificate, and a free domain name:

Bluehost is one in every of the oldest and largest brand once it involves net hosting. They’re an officer “WordPress” counseled hosting supplier.

iPage powers over one million netsites and is that the most budget-friendly web hosting supplier on the online. $1.99 / month for net hosting, and you get a free name.

It’s vital to stay in mind that the majority hosts provide free domain registrations for one year solely. once the primary year, your domain registration can renew at sometimes around $14 each year.

A lot of users profit of the free domain for the primary year as a result of you'd got to purchase the name regardless, why not apprehend at no cost.

Most Popular Domain Registrars

If you only wish to register a website name while not getting hosting, then you'll try this by getting it from a domain name registrar. is one in every of the simplest domain registrars on the market. they provide all ranking domain names, with a wise search feature, premium domains, and every one the mandatory tools to manage your domain names. is providing WPBeginner readers a twenty fifth discount, and our coupon should be mechanically applied on your purchase.

GoDaddy is the most important domain registrar within the world. They manage over sixty three million domain names for over fourteen million customers.

They additionally provide net hosting plans similarly. If you utilize our GoDaddy coupon code, then you'll get a free name.


In easy terms, domain ID protection masks your personal contact info from anyone acting a whois search on your name.

By default, and underneath ICANN rules (the organization that regulates domain names), all domain names should have publically visible  contact info appointed to them — an equivalent info you had to produce throughout registration. This includes your name, address, signaling, and email address.

Let ME say this once more, by default, all of this is visible to anyone United Nations agency puts your name through a tool like the aforementioned

This is not excellent. First, anyone will see this information, which suggests your personal details area unit exposed. You’re essentially sacrificing a part of your privacy for nothing in exchange.

So, the thanks to solve this can be to line domain ID protection together with your domain registrar (all domain registrars provide this). this can be sometimes a paid feature, though. the worth tag will be around $1 a month.

Once underneath domain ID protection, the whois details of your domain get replaced together with your registrar’s info.

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