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When it involves SEO, it's divided into 2 main components in line with what I even have learned and intimate with with my years of blogging and staying on the web, that square measure SEO settings and keyword analysis, there square measure different things which will still be place in situ to rank well on Google, like links to different topics on your web site, image improvement, guest post, backlinks, etc. successive factor to try and do is to look for the keyword to journal to rank Google well.

Without keyword analysis for your journal post, you'll realize it terribly troublesome to rank well on Google, as a result of you'll solely indite the topics that interest you and not what Google needs you to jot down, however with keyword analysis, you'll simply realize what individuals square measure searching for on Google.

But currently blogger has his own SEO setting right in his dashboard, like Description meta tag, Robot txt, Google search console, Custom mechanism header tags dead his dashboard, that may be a massive improvement on blogger. If the complete factor listed on top of is finished wrong, your journal might not seem in Google search or it's going to be troublesome for individuals to find your website. It ought to so be noted that you simply ought to be terribly careful and extremely careful once implementing your journal settings.

The power of SEO cannot be underestimated, that is why many of us still rummage around for keywords like the way to do SEO for bloggers, the way to use Google's keyword planner, the way to rank your web site on Google's initial page, the way to use Google's trend, the way to use keyword analysis, the way to use SEM RUSH, wherever to seek out a SEO- friendly guide for your journal, etc.

Here's a listing of settings on your blogger dashboard for an honest ranking on Google, thus you must set them up.

1. Add meta Tag Description

The description is what seems on Google's computer programme once individuals search your journal in order that it's transient, descriptive, eye- catching and made in keywords for correct ranking. this can be wherever you make a case for what your journal is regarding, you offer potential guests an summary of what your journal is regarding inside a most of one hundred fifty characters to assist your readers grasp what to expect from your journal.

This is what it's like after you rummage around for your journal on the Google computer programme, the outline of your web site seems now below the title. To change the meta description on your web site, initial you attend the settings on the dashboard of your blogger and click on on the search preference.

To add a brief description to your journal post, click on unaccustomed post a brand new content, then move to the left corner of the screen and rummage around for the search description during this section. And write a quick description of what your post is on the brink of facilitate readers perceive your post's content.

2. Add Google Tracking ID

This tracking ID will track the placement of your guests, however long they pay on your website, that browser they use to access your website and track the performance of your web site, like the speed of the web site, the bounce rate and lots of others. If you do not have a Google analytical account visit to form one, you'll be redirected to the current page for users for the primary time. simply click on register and enter your name, web site name, url, category, country and click on on the trailing identification.

After you have got with success signed up, you'll lean a code, that is what you paste on your journal. To do so, attend your blogger settings and realize another, and a brand new window can seem to find the scroll all the way down to the page button and paste the code within the column underneath Google Analytics.

3.Google search console

Google search console is another great tool for SEO, that permits you to submit your journal to Google by submitting your sitemap, similarly as assortment your web site to Google, that will increase your possibilities of showing on Google's initial page. To submit your web site to the Google search console, attend the blogger settings once more and click on the search preferences underneath search crawlers and assortment.


To start, merely add your web site within the column below and click on Add A Property. you'll receive some hypertext mark-up language codes that you simply have to be compelled to paste on your journal to substantiate that you simply own the journal you submitted. Once you have got saved the code on your journal theme, you'll come back to the search console of Google and press the check button. Click to maneuver to successive phase.

4.custom mechanism.txt

Next may be a custom mechanism, that helps to forestall the computer programme from locomotion a number of your pages, that don't seem to be necessary. to urge your custom mechanism, enter / blogger / {this will|this may|this will} lead you to a window after you can paste your address, paste your address within the box and click on Generate Sitemap. A code can seem, that is your copy of the Sitemap and paste the code on your journal. To do this, attend the blogger settings underneath Crawlers and index the custom obot.txt and paste the copy code. One factor you have got to try and do once more is to feature your sitemap to the Google search console.

Once you are on the Google Search console, click Crawl to seek out Sitemaps. Then click on ADD / take a look at Sitemap you will jazz in 2 ways that initial you will kind in sitemap.xml and submit. Then you will jazz once more and at this point you'll need to repeat a number of the code you have antecedently created for sitemap.

User agent:* Disallow: / search Allow: / Sitemao:/http / / atom.xml: begin repetition from the atom xml highlighted in blue and also the rest till the top, copy and paste within the box then re-send your sitemap.

The next factor you have got to try and do is index your journal post, in order that whenever you produce a brand new lavatory post, Google can crawl your post quick. To do this, attend the crawl section of the Google search console and realize Fetch as a Google copy and paste the address of the post you would like to index within the box and click on fetch. this permits Google to crawl your page quickly.

5.custom mechanism header tag

The last one on the list is that the custom mechanism header tag, that additionally tells Google the way to crawl your web site. Still underneath crawlers and index within the blogger setting, find it and click on affirmative to pick out some boxes divided into 3 components of the Homepage, search pages and default page.


If you discover this text useful, share it with different friends searching for a blogger SEO guide. i might be happy to listen to your Google expertise. The best.

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