Ramadan 2019 (1440) - When is Ramadan 2019


Ramadan 2019 can begin on weekday, seventh might 2019 (according to Saudi Arabia) and endways weekday, fourth June 2019. Eid al Fitr 2019 are going to be on Wednesday, fifth June 2019. this is often the tentative date because the actual date is conditional the watching of the moon of Ramadan 2019, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar (Hijri 1440). The length of the Month varies between twenty nine and thirty days reckoning on the watching of the Islamic calendar month Moon that results in the anticipated competition of Eid ul Fitr on the first of Islamic calendar month.

Table of Contents:

★ History and Obligations

★ Ramadan Practices and Blessings

★ How to Fast?

★ Suhur

★ Iftar

★ Recite Quran Kareem

★ Lailat ul Qadr

★ Nightly prayers (Tarawih)

★ Zakat

★ Itikaf

History and Obligations

Ramadan (also referred to as Ramzan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan), discovered by Muslims worldwide, is one amongst the Five Pillars of Islam. The word itself comes from the Arabic root “ramida” that roughly interprets as “Scorching Heat”. abstinence was created obligatory on all adult Muslims in the Second Year of Hijri (Migration from Makkah to Madinah of Muslims). the sole folks exempted from keeping a quick square measure those World Health Organization square measure move, aged, pregnant, diabetic, inveterately unwell, unwell or infant feeding. several youngsters endeavour to complete as several fasts as doable as observe for later life.

Ramadan Practices and Blessings

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Moslem calendar, is taken into account one amongst the foremost blessed months in Islam. Muslims quick throughout this month, doing most Dhikr of Allah (SWT). The month of Ramadan culminates with the joyous occasion of Eid ul Fitr as Muslims give thanks Allah (SWT), celebrating the competition with spiritual fervor. This month is packed with celebration and celebration because the Muslims immerse themselves in reading the religious writing and Duasand outlay most time doing Dhikr. The Muslims quick the complete month because it teaches them actuality which means of perseverance and tolerance. throughout this month, Muslims aren't solely alleged to refrain from uptake and drinking throughout the stipulated temporal order however they're additionally needed to curb all negative emotions like anger and prove themselves to be the proper Muslim. Moreover, the religious writing was additionally completed during this month.

How to Fast?

A Fast (sawm) is unbroken by Muslims from dawn to sunset, timings of that varies in each region. throughout now, they refrain from uptake food, drinking, smoking and fascinating in sexual relations. In Ramadhan, Muslims additionally try exhausting to refrain from any sinful behaviour such as lying, cursing, false speech. The food eaten  before sunrise is thought as Suhoor, and therefore the one eaten  once sunset is thought as Iftar. throughout these times, Muslims pay liberally to form the food on the market for whole community (specially the poor one). The rewards of all sensible Deeds square measure accumulated throughout the Month of Ramzan, whether or not it's praying salah or giving charity. This Hadith testifies this reality as well:

"When Ramadan arrives, the gates of Paradise square measure opened and therefore the gates of hell square measure latched up and devils square measure place enchained."(Sahih al-Bukhari 1899)


Each day, before dawn, Muslims observe a pre-fast meal referred to as the suhur. once stopping a brief time before dawn, Muslims begin the primary prayer of the day, Fajr. Suhur (or sahari) is that the pre-dawn meal that is extremely necessary throughout Ramadan since that's what one’s body thrives on all day and may be rigorously arrangened for a gradual diet plan that helps you keep healthy.


At sunset, Muslims get along for the iftar Meal to interrupt their Fasts. simply once paying attention to Maghrib Athan, they recite the Iftar Dua to raise Allah for His sustenance. Dates square measure sometimes the primary food to interrupt the quick. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) skint quick with 3 dates in line with some traditions.


Social gatherings terribly often happen at iftar. ancient dishes square measure usually highlighted, as well as ancient desserts, and notably those created solely throughout Ramadan.

Recite Quran Kareem

In this Holy Month, Muslims square measure inspired to Recite Al religious writing. Ramadan could be a month to recollect this biggest blessing and supply of steering humankind was ever given. Tarawih is one amongst the approach Muslims complete the recitation of Holy religious writing that square measure control in Mosques. it's Mustahab (An action that is rewarded, however whose omission isn't punishable) for the Muslim to scan whole Qur'an throughout Ramadhan and to try to complete it, however that's non-compulsory. Some Muslims screw by Completing 1 Juz' each day for the thirty Days of Ramadan.

Lailat ul Qadr

Lailat ul Qadr, additionally referred to as the ‘Night of Power’ is one amongst the foremost sought after nights of the Islamic Year. it's one amongst the last 10 odd nights within the month of Ramadan and is packed with blessings. It please Allah (SWT) to ascertain the Muslims abstinence throughout the month to please Him. This month of Ibadah ends with the Muslim competition of Eid ul Fitr.

Nightly prayers (Tarawih)

Tarawih are the additional prayers some Muslim Communities perform in the dark once Isha Prayers within the Islamic month of Ramadan. {they square measure|they're} not necessary Prayer however are still of utmost Importance.


Zakat is another Pillar of Islam, and giving Charity becomes even additional necessary throughout Ramadan. it's how to purify your wealth for the desire of Allah (SWT) and is due  on assets closely-held over one year. The collected pillar of Islam is needed to tend to the poor and worth folks. you'll calculate this year’s pillar of Islam exploitation IslamicFinder’s Zakat Calculator. In Ramadan, all sensible deeds square measure rewarded quite in the other month of the year. this is often the why many folks opt for provide pillar of Islam (Sadqa) to poor during this Month.



Itikaf means that to be in isolation in a very house of prayer or reception with the intention of alone dedicating it slow to the worship of Allah (SWT). it's Sunnat-al-Muaqidah (Sunnah that's urged to be performed) to sit down in Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. someone might begin Itikaf once sunset of twentieth of Ramadan, and finish it once the moon for Eid is quick-sighted. The path stays a similar if the month of Ramadan is of twenty nine or thirty days.

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