8 best web hosting company for your website

When it comes to questions, a good and best web hosting company, we have a lot to consider and choose hosting.  Because, good hosting depends on a lot of things.  And, as a blogger, it's important for us to know about them.


So, today in this article, I will tell you which is the best web hosting for blogger and a half and why.

First of all, if you are considering buying a local and inexpensive hosting at a low cost, it can be very detrimental to your blog and website.

Because, these types of local web hosting companies are of very slow and low quality. And, with blogs being more slow and downtime, traffic to your blog, revenue generation and ranking of Google search can be greatly reduced.

Moreover, the best search engine "Google search" to get free traffic and visitors to the blog, never get a slow or low quality website. And, as a result, your website can reduce the chance of getting unlimited traffic from Google by 90%.

So, if you want to become a professional blogger and take your blogging career right to success, then first choose a professional, fast, good quality and best web hosting company.

Hosting a fast, good quality is very important for your blog. If you have not meditated on this matter, no matter how good an article you are writing, it will be almost impossible for you to get traffic and visitors from Google search.

Which web hosting is better for WordPress?

Using Blogger, those who have created a free Blogger blog, do not need to buy any hosting separately. But, if you are thinking of creating a blog or website using WordPress, then you should definitely buy a good web hosting plan.

So, below I will tell you about the top 8 hosting companies that proved to be the best web hosting provider for a WordPress blog or website in 2019.

Top 8 web hosting For WordPress Blogs & Websites

1. Digital Ocean


Best Cloud Hosting Solution.
Today digital ocean has become the best and most popular hosting company for WordPress. The reasons are many. Digital ocean, cloud based VPS web hosting gives us. This type of VPS cloud hosting is much faster and better than Shared hosting.

Here, you can create a separate virtual private server for your website or blog, where only your website is hosted.  And, you can choose RAM, CPU, Space, CPU Core as your website needs.

98% of people have called this Digital Ocean hosting company the best, fast and best quality for WordPress website.

In Digital Ocean you can install your own WordPress blog with only a $ 5 plan. And, from time to time you can increase or decrease the server's RAM, CPU or storage space for your own needs.

You do not have to pay for the first month. In the first month you will be given $ 50 free credit. And, from that $ 50, your first month's bill will be deducted.

When it comes to WordPress, the best quality hosting for the website, I suggest you buy hosting from Digital Ocean.

Hosting type - Unmanaged VPS Cloud.
Price - $ 5 monthly (minimum plan).
Register for digital ocean account with free $ 50 credit

2. Cloudways 


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting portal where you can buy hosting from all the best cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr and kyup.

Cloudways does host hosting for you and you don't have to waste time doing any kind of server setup or coding. All in all, cloudways will do it for you.

Here you will find all the named cloud hosting platforms and, for a fast good quality and reliable cloud hosting, they are all great.

This web hosting company is giving you a lot of good profits.

Features of cloudways:

$ 15 free to use. If I create an account using the link below, you will get $ 15 free.
Free SSL certificate.
Instant website backup.
You can solve any problem by email.
Pay As You Go - That means, the more resources your website or blog uses, the more you have to pay. Therefore, you can use the new blog at a much lower cost.
Find solutions to any problems with 24 * 7 support.
Your server and website will be protected.
You can increase or decrease the RAM, CPU, storage space as the website requires.
Your cloud based VPS server will be ready in just 1 minute.
Being a cloud based server, the loading of your blog and website will be much faster.
Cloudways is my most favorite web hosting company. The performance, quality, speed and support of this hosting company are the best. In a very short time this hosting company has become very popular.

Hosting type - Managed Cloud Hosting
Price - $ 10 monthly (pay as you go) minimum plan.
Cloudways signup with $ 15 free credit

3. Hostgator


Hostgator Web Hosting is used by many older and different bloggers and web masters from abroad to host websites. Here, you will find various hosting products, as per your website needs.

Hostgator's web hosting but at a much lower cost is much better and faster.

If you have just started a new website or blog, you can get started with shared web hosting. In this case, you only pay $ 2.75 a month for a single website.

Moreover, you will find high quality hosting products like WordPress hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server.

If you are planning to host a WordPress blog or website, then of course use Hostgator WordPress hosting.

This type of hosting is much better for a WordPress website.  Moreover, VPS hosting will make your website performance much faster and better.

So, if you are a believer and are looking for a great quality hosting, then Hostgator is the best for me. Especially, for the new one and a half.

Features Of Hostgator:

Different types of hosting products. Shared, WordPress Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server.
Free SSL security.
24 * 7 customer support.
Free migration.
Advanced security.
Fast and fast web hosting.
You can buy low cost hosting.
New Blogger is best for one and a half.
Free control panel.
If you want to get a good hosting at a low cost, Hostgator is a very good and reputable hosting company.

Hosting Type - Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated.
Price - $ 2.75 shared (monthly), $ 5.95 WordPress (monthly).
Hostgator offers & Coupon - Hostgator offers new offers and discount coupon here.



If you are looking for fast and high quality web hosting, then A2Hosting can be very useful.  This web hosting company has many names for its fast and good hosting quality.

Here you will find Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated server. If you are planning to host a WordPress blog, use WordPress hosting or cloud VPS Hosting.

Features of A2Hosting:

Speed ​​optimized for WordPress

Free SSL Certificate.
Free site migration.
24 * 7 customer support.
Free automatic backup.
Unlimited storage space & transfer.
20x faster hosting.
Cloud hosting is so fast and fast.
A2Hosting but very common for their fast and fast web hosting service. Therefore, using WordPress or Cloud Hosting from here you can get the loading speed of your blog or website much faster.

Hosting type - Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud VPS, Dedicated server.
Price - Rs.356.38 / - for cloud vps hosting (Monthly), Rs.279.05 / - for shared hosting (monthly).  Rs.279.05 / - for WordPress hosting (monthly).  (all minimum plan).
Payment mode - monthly, half yearly & annually.

5. Bluehost


More than 2 million people are using bluehost hosting to host their own blog site. Bluehost WordPress is officially recommended hosting by WordPress.

And, WordPress has become a very good brand for hosting.  This hosting company is best for professional blogging.

If you buy hosting from here, you will be given the domain name free for 5 years.  And, there is also a free SSL certificate and 24 * 7 customer support.

Moreover, after hosting here you will not have to worry about your hosting quality and blog loading speed. Here you will find many good and best quality hosting.

Starting from a new blog to a professional blog, you can buy and host hosting from bluehost web hosting.

Here you will have the opportunity to purchase shared hosting for new blogs, WordPress hosting for medium traffic blogs, cloud hosting or VPS hosting.

Features Of BlueHost web hosting:

Pricing - You can buy hosting for a new professional blog.  So, from low to high prices, you will find all kinds of hosting plans here.
Reliability - The only reason Bluehost is such a name in the world of hosting today. At least “Downtime”. That means, your blog or website will have a much shorter "downtime".
Free Domain Name - Get free domain name for 5 years.
Support - For any problems related to hosting, you can contact the 24 * 7 customer support team through various media such as phone call, email or live chat.
So, when you are getting such good hosting at a very low cost, why waste the quality and future of your blog after the cycle of local and cheap hosting.

Remember, to succeed at blogging, a good and good hosting is very important. So, if you are hosting from bluehost, you will not have any problems or thoughts associated with hosting hosting.

Hosting type - shared, VPS, cloud, wordpress hosting and dedicated servers.
Payment mode - Annually.
Price - Basic WordPress $ 2.95 (monthly), Standard VPS $ 18.99 (monthly).
Website - Bluehost WordPress hosting

6. Godaddy


Godaddy is known as one of the best and most famous websites for buying domain names especially. However, for some years Godaddy has made many names towards "web hosting".

Godaddy gives you good quality hosting at a very low price. And, here are the options to make payments monthly through various means.

If you are looking for a new blog and good hosting at low prices, then you have many good options for Godaddy.

Here you will find shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting at the lowest prices. Moreover, with 24 * 7 customer support, you will find solutions to any problems with your hosting plan.

Features of Godaddy hosting:

Hosting good quality at very low prices.
24 * 7 customer support will be available via phone, live chat and email.
There are free daily backup options.
Daily malware scan.
You will get a free domain name with Annual plan.
There are different types of hosting plans.
Much lower prices than others.
It is possible to make payments monthly.
So, you can definitely buy hosting from godaddy to buy good hosting at low prices.  But, this hosting company is best for new blogs. It is best to use the hosting companies mentioned above for advanced and professional blogs.

Hosting Type: Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Business hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated server.
Payment options: Monthly, half-yearly and annually
Price: WordPress hosting Rs.99 / - first month followed by Rs.449 / - per month.  Shared Hosting Rs.99 / - first month followed by Rs.199 / - per month. Visit the Godaddy website.

7. Siteground 


About 2 million websites or blogs are hosted on the siteground's platform.  Siteground comes with top and best hosting companies, offering 99.99% uptime and fast loading speed. This hosting company has no answer when it comes to quality and performance.

Moreover, here you will find different hosting plans. For example, Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Free CDN SSL Certificate will be provided on all planes.

Although the cost of hosting is good, the siteground has proved very good for high traffic and professional blogs.

Their customer support team is very good and gives you a quick solution to any problem.

Siteground web hosting features:

Free daily backups - Through this site restoration, your blog and website can be restored to some harm.
24 * 7 customer support.
Free https / SSL certificate.
Free cloudflare cdn.
Free site migration / migration.
Siteground is a very good quality hosting company and by using it you can get your blog loading speed much faster and faster. I would not be wrong to call them web hosting experts.

Price - $ 3.95 monthly (StartUp plan). Website - Siteground hosting

8. Namecheap Hosting


From the support side, I currently love Namecheap.com hosting. Originally started business as a domain register, but now they are far ahead in hosting. Day by day their hosting age is many.


01. Hosting costs far less than others.

02. You can pay with Payoner Card, PayPal, MasterCard or Google Checkout.

03. Better Support System.

04. Uptime and server speed are very good.


Could not find one. The site may be too large or down if you use a lot of resources.  However, in that case you need to upgrade to a better package.

In terms of quality and pricing, I would recommend blindly using NeemChip hosting.

Whoever goes to buy e hosting, do a little search on Google first to see if they have any discount coupons. Using coupons can save you a lot of money.

I've paid the hosting plans for dollars. Most of the plans will be priced in dollars by going to the hosting platforms. Therefore, you should try to change the hosting plan's price to your country's currency in conjunction with the dollar rate of your country.

Our last words,
Friends, as I said before, to get a good amount of traffic and visitors from Google search on your blog and to improve the user experience of the blog, it is very important to get hosting from a good and high quality web hosting company.

Google search engine, a slow website never gets better. And as a result, Google will not even consider sending traffic and visitors to your blog.

As a professional blogger, it is important to try to keep your blog fast, fast and online all the time.

Otherwise, finding success in your blogging career will make it very difficult for you today.

So, the first thing I did was make the mistake I made, so that you don't make that mistake.

And, if you are really thinking about your blogging career, buy hosting from a good hosting company without taking any hosting first. In this, you and your blog will benefit.

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