Facebook closes group chat on August 22

Facebook's group chat service is shutting down. The most popular social media site has announced to shut down the service from August 22. The Community Leadership Circle from Facebook confirmed the information in a post on Saturday. Group chats are closed but previous chats from the group will appear.


Details were also reported in the Facebook community.

According to the post, Facebook's group chat feature is not compatible with the structure of social media. The social media is always working to protect the information of Facebook users.

The group mentioned that the group chat feature was being switched off in front of users' security issues.

However, if group chat is closed, group chat can be done with friends on the friendlist.  Friends who are not on the friend list cannot be added to the group. But Facebook authorities have not yet reported what the type of service might be.

The Facebook Community Leadership Circle from the Facebook page says, we are thinking about whether something new can be done in the group chat for immediate communication, but it is not yet known how that will happen.

Contextually, Facebook Messenger was launched in 2008. It was renovated and reopened in 2010. Facebook's video call service was launched on July 6, 2011, making Skype their technology partner. It can be called in a one-to-one arrangement using the Skype Rest API.

On August 9, 2011, Facebook Messenger was officially launched on the Android and iOS apps. Group chat was launched in 2013 on Facebook.

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