New YouTube Originals after September 24th will be free for everyone!

YouTube Originals is going to be free for everyone, premium users can enjoy it without science fiction but free users will have to watch YouTube Originals with ads. We didn't have much details about it at the time, but now we have!


According to the statement of the YouTube team:

New YouTube Originals series, movies, and live events released after September 24, 2019 will be made available for non-members to watch for free, with ads.  For the series, members will get immediate access to every episode of a new season, while non-members will have to wait for each new episode to be released.

This means that YouTube Originals released before September 25 will be exclusive to premium subscribers only, but all subsequent releases will be open to everyone.  According to the way you watch regular videos on YouTube, YouTube Originals can be enjoyed with ads.

But premium users will get more opportunities, they will get access to some premium footage that free users will not see.

In most cases, where available, director's cuts and bonus footage for YouTube Originals movies and live events will be exclusive to members like you, as well.

There are many who cannot afford to buy a YouTube premium subscription or spend money on it may seem absurd to many. YouTube premium is not yet available for Bangladesh, but if you want to use you need to work with VPN usage. However, from now on, free users will be able to enjoy original shows, which is a good thing. And the premium subscription system will continue to operate as before;  You will get ads free video, offline playback facilities, YouTube music access, you will be charged $ 11.99 a month!

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