Nokia first 5G phone is coming in 2020 at a estimable price

Mobile technology is now the most talked about "5G" - but currently 5G = big thing. The 5G coverage is extremely limited then the mobile operator will charge many high bills, secondly some ultra expensive phones only have 5G available!


According to a Digital Trends report, Nokia is about to change that a bit. Nokia phone maker HMD Global plans to market cheap 5G phones, which will make it possible to buy 5G phones.

The current market is charging money for 5G phones, said Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer at HMD Global, saying they will offer 5G phones at about half the price. Nokia is hoping to get good business with this cheap phone especially in the 5G market.  "We are waiting to see if our 5G phones will be around half the price," he added. Our phones will enter the market by 2020!

5G phones in the current market

The price of 5G phones in the current market, especially in the case of official phones, if Nokia sells 5G phones at half the price, the same cannot be said cheap.

Currently, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 - both families have 5G variants in stock. But the price skyrocketed, the Galaxy S10 5G model costs $ 1,299 / ৳ 109,869. The Note 10 Plus's 5G model starts at $ 1,299 / ৳ 109,869!

LG's 5G phone is a bit cheaper, at least compared to Samsung's 5G phone, yet the LG V50 ThinQ is priced at $ 999 / ৳ 84495, which cannot be said to be particularly cheap!  However, by 2020, 5G may be anything but cheap. It is reported that Samsung and cheap 5G models will bring the phone to market; Huawei, Xiaomi, Apo, Vivo and the competition will compete.

Some more 5G phones may be available on the market in the months ahead. However, you might have to wait until next year's MWC to see Nokia's cheap 5G phones!

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