Samsung galaxy note 10 Plus 5G durability test

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is here and could very well be the pinnacle of all smart phones yeah its price to compete.

Samsung_galaxy_note 10 plus

with a used Honda Civic or a roundtrip flight to Hawaii but I mean look at all these colors like I always say groceries are overrated today we're gonna see how durable Samsung's latest flagship really is let's get started so Samsung got a little crazy and dropped three versions of the same phone this time the note 10.

the note 10 plus and the note 10 plus. five G there's absolutely no reason. whatsoever to buy the 5g version which. costs an extra three hundred and fifty dollars unless of course you already
live in one of the very few 5g cities. and have a 5g note right outside your window and this phone will definitely.

live it's very full and complete life. span before 5g networks become a thing one thing that differentiates this power Puff looking contraption from other
phones is the internal built-in stylus. and it's actually one of the coolest. parts of the phone I've been tempting.

myself into upgrading from my two and a half year old Galaxy s8 plus. just for this feature from a business aspect. sometimes it's way easier to communicate with a drawing rather than just plain. text which makes this built-in stylus. very appealing the soft tips are interchangeable so if one breaks or gets. bent or worn down it's very easy to swap. them out the unibody S Pen is made from blue painted plastic but the most interesting parts are inside the spent has internal accelerometers and a gyro.

also Bluetooth all these lets you
control the phone from a distance with gestures and clicking the one little side button the coils of wire down here near the pressures sensitive tip doubles. as a way to charge the spent and also generates an electromagnetic field of its own so that the phone. which also has an electromagnetic field under the screen can sense where the pin is located and exactly what it's drawing.

it's a legit distinguishing feature in a sea of phones. that kind of all do the same thing at the opposite end of the spent near the clicker is a capacitor it

stores about 10 hours worth of energy. with a six minute charge up while it's inside. the phone it's a very impressive system. I think it's time we take a look at the other side of rainbow road here the screen gotta love. it when companies give

you free screen protectors the galaxy. note 1050 is using Goya class 6 on both the front and back of the phone have you. ever noticed that it's really only the cell phone industry that keeps on plopping a new number on basically the same phone year after year and then
calls it revolutionary thumbs up to Xbox. PlayStation and Nintendo for being real. and only releasing new products when it's actually warranted every couple of years the Gorilla Glass 6 on this note.

10 5g scratches at level 6 with deeper. grooves at level 7 just like last year and the year before I got a cool.

camera has a 10 megapixel. little day and sits under the same pane of glass as the
screen. interestingly enough though there. doesn't seem to be an earpiece gap up at the top there might be a tiny little gap. between the glass and the edge of the phone. but Samsung could also be using the under display speaker tech that we saw inside of the LG G 8 we'll have to take a look at that from the inside to be sure though make sure you're is pretty sleek looking besides of this phone are made from aluminum Samsung  slipped up and said stainless steel in one of their own promotional videos. but it's since been corrected to aluminum

like the rest of their flagships up here. at the top of the phone we have a lot. going on there is a layer of clear protective plastic along with the SIM card. tray the little hole next to the
SIM card trays for the top stereo.

speaker with an expandable memory SD card slot you can add up to one terabyte of storage. which you might not need. while the phone is brand new of course. but it's always nice to add more storage. as your phone gets older and fills up instead of having to go delete things it also has a rubber liner around the base to satisfy the IP. six eight water resistance rating the left side of the phone has a metal volume rocker along with a single power button finally Bibby has left the building. except for if you hold the power button down for a fraction of a second too long he comes right back the coloring of this phone is seriously crazy. I feel like it belongs in wrecks it Ralph with the sugar rush racers instead of a business man's pocket I'm still totally down though the bottom of the phone is also made from metal no headphone jack and you are to be found personally.

I think it's a bad move I did a poll on Twitter last month where 60% of you said you've used a headphone jack in the past week and 60% of people on minus similar Twitter poll said a headphone jack would
be a nice bonus or even a need.

personally I'm all wireless at this point because exercising with corded. headphones is super annoying but watching YouTube or Netflix with a tiny

Bluetooth lag is also slightly annoying. So I am sad that Jack is gone on the note 10 at least the spent won't get permanently stuck though in the hole.

if you put it in backwards that was an actual problem with the old note 5 the USB C port on the note 10 is rather awesome it is fully capable of super fast
charging the phone with 45 watts of power I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense with just a number so let
me draw out a comparison the note 10 can take in a full 45 watts of power to super fast charge the battery you do got
to pay a little extra for that 45 watt.

charger though as Samsung only includes a 25 watt charger in the Box 25 watts is still amazing though when you compare to the competition for example Apple's newest phone the iPhone 10s can only fast charge with 15 watts of power yet.

Apple only includes a 5 watt charger in the box that's right
the 9 watt reverse wireless charging capability on the Galaxy Note 10.

Apple includes in the box with their new I phones ouch remember Apple makes the jokes I just read the spec sheet taking a quick look at the rear cameras the note 10 has the
absolute optimal setup on the back with the 16 megapixel ultra wide lens up top and a normal 12 megapixel lens in the
center and a 12 megapixel telephotos lands on the bottom the perfect. perspective trisects denote 10 plus.

also has an additional death sensor off to the side which combined with the bigger
screen and bigger battery makes the 10 plus a better purchased in the smaller

Note 10 still stay away from the 5g version though there is an under screen. ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the note 10 it's the same cool tech we saw inside of the galaxy s 10 super quick and doesn't take up much room inside the phone. but more importantly the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner still functions even after the screen suffers heavy damage with level 7 deeper grooves.
very impressive speaking of scratches do you want to see an experiment I started two and a half years ago both sides of
the note 10 are made from glass and as we know glass. can scratch here are some level 7 deeper grooves on the back next to the Samsung logo and here are even some levels 6 scratches both of which show up extremely well on this child's kaleidoscope of a phone there are plenty of things in everyday life that can scratch glass for example this is my two and a half year old daily driver that I purposefully never put a screen protector on just to see how it would react and turn out with normal everyday use sliding in and out of my pocket.

Glass might be scratch resistant but it's still no match for anything above a level 6 on Mobs scale of hardness you.
really only have two options you can either cover up scratches that are already made or prevent scratches with
some kind of protection thanks Addy brand for sponsoring this video the brand has protective skins that you can combine together however you want it.

Changes how your phone looks along with adding aesthetic protection you can see.

what your phone would look like with the link in the description now new skin for
your phone is way cheaper than buying a new phone just saying I'm digging this copper metal skin I'll peel it off though so we can taste the rainbow and finish off the durability test. have you ever roasted skittles over a campfire neither of I but I couldn't figure out any other way to segue into the burn

test the note 10 plus has a large six point eight inch 1440p display and lasted about twenty seconds before I thought it was permanently damaged but after removing the heat from the dynamic AMBLED screen the white marks quickly faded leaving it pristine screen behind - the evaporated oleo phobic coating of course there is no other damage no durability test is complete without a been test the physical structural integrity of a phone is just as important as the power inside it's time to see if the note 10 is as durable as it is cute. bending from the back we get basically no flex which is rather shocking
considering how large the phone is I'll flip it around to the front and we get basically the same result no damage no
cracks and no kinks in the frame just a super solid colorful flagship phone from Samsung that survives my durability test.

I think it's a winner expensive yes but still a good phone if it had a headphone. jack I'd probably end up switching right
away but as of right now my Galaxy s8 is still working good enough so I don't know maybe I'll upgrade maybe I'll wait and maybe I'll let you guys decide for me over on Twitter I'm not quite sure yet we should definitely take it apart first.

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