Like count Facebook will keep secret, only the post owner can see!

Does your Facebook post get much less likes? Your friend's profile picture floods thousands of likes and you end up jealous when you see it?  So maybe a good news is coming soon for you;  Facebook is testing the feature to hide post likes and photos, the company is testing this feature for All reddy Instagram!


According to a report by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher, Facebook is testing the feature to hide how many likes are actually in the post, and this feature will be available exclusively for the Android app.  User privacy can be protected.  And Facebook has confirmed that TechCrunch is working on this feature!

The Facebook test will show different types of user reactions but the exact count of how many reactions have been submitted can only be seen by the post data. Facebook has confirmed that, like their Android app, the count may be hidden. This is especially so for young users!

Many users suffer from depression as they get less likes, many like to see many likes in another friend's post or picture. Start comparing yourself to others and worry about the social image being reduced due to the amount of likes! Many people may have stopped using the Facebook app to get less likes, Facebook is testing this new feature to bring them back to this platform.

Facebook has not yet given an update on when, where, how this feature can be viewed in the Facebook app. Keep waiting, and after getting the update, you can get to know TuneRound first!

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