Some important tips for get traffic from Quora!

Quora is a Q & A site where people ask questions about various topics. According to Similar Web, Quora drives more than 700 million visitors per month. It has become very popular day by day. At the same time, there is an extraordinary opportunity for banding and building your own business. I'll tell you the details today:



How you can grow a Quora account from the very beginning, using your blog or YouTube channel to drive a visitor will say that step by step.

You must first create an account in Quora. I personally think it is better to have an account with real names, pictures and other identities.

One thing that many people miss out on while driving traffic from Quora is that they want to drive traffic from the same Quora account to many different or different answers.  This is a very wrong thing.

The correct method is to keep an account at a specific top.  Suppose your blog is Kitchen Niche. Now you have a link to your blog on your Quora bio and you will mention it to a Kitchen Expert. There is something called Credentials in Quora. There you have to select the subject of Niche Related.

7 -8 days after the creation of the account with no link is Answer is safe. Now many Quora accounts are caught up in the beginning.

7-8 days niche will answer the target questions, and Answer will do the minimum of 200 wards. Keep the target, that answer is the top answer to that question. If that is the case then you will get traffic from this question for a lifetime.  And yes, if a Answer does not give a link to get a very good view, then you can edit it by linking to your blog with a good anchor.

But of course, do not give the link for the first 7-8 days.

Do not give short answers.  There is no profit by answering one or two words. There will be no view behind those Answer.  The same question is there and Answer where 20 thousand views is not a 100 views again.  The answer to the same question but. Depending on the quality of the answer, the Quora algorithm makes it visible.

Remember one thing, do not give Answer in Quora just for the purpose of making links. That's not right at all. Your purpose should be to drive traffic, and if traffic does not come from that link then that link has no importance anymore, we all know that.

So, if you answer two in a day, try to give the best answer. I make all the Answer long and informative. It is very good to use the image in Answer. It  Answer and makes it attractive as well. As a result, the possibility of a Answer view increases  And yes if you take the image from somewhere, you will give the image credit at the end, if you do not give it and there is no problem but it is normal gentleness.

Always keep your hat on.  Do not just waste time with random Answer outside your niche.

If you have created a content 'Top 10 Kitchen Sink for Hard Water', now you want to promote it in Quora, but you can find no question about Sink for Hard Water. In the meantime, create a question from your other Quora account in Similar, then answer the set with the original account.  Create questions that are likely to be asked. Now how do you understand whether this question has the potential to be ascertained? It will be very easy to understand the Kitchen Relative I mind if you see your Niche related forums or Google's auto-suggested questions.

Finally, Quora is a platform where you can easily express yourself as an expert in a hat. I have seen some Experts who are direct affiliate from Quora Answer and lead generation with no landing page of their own.  However, if you use it properly, you can be very well benefitted from this platform.

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